Lay down roots. Mature. Grow into something. Accomplish something that lasts.

It is not the power to demand action that makes you a leader, power only buys you slaves. It is when people are given the choice to follow after that makes you a leader. The humility to ask, “Will you follow?”


A culture of honesty requires a culture of grace. Honesty only happens when you have the reckless hope of an unconditional love, when you know the raw truth about yourself will not be met with cringing, but embrace. It’s how we quit hiding. It’s messy, scary, sloppy, and hard: but it is real, and it’s probably the church that Jesus had in mind.

— J

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Love trumps all other motives. I am faithful because I am loved, not because of my loyalty. I am kind because I am loved, not because of my compassion. I am generous because I am loved, not because of my abundance.

I love because He first loved me. Love is always the motive. He is always the motive.